Students have spent a long, productive day at school by the time they come to the Academie. We provide them with the balance between traditional academia and cutting-edge learning which caters to their passions. Our sample schedule provides you with a look at how this is accomplished. Blocks of time will be allocated for activities on a weekly rotational basis. For example, during STELLAR™ projects, students will rotate between Scientixium lab, Artixa Minor studio, Texnix Enginuitix lab and other extra-curriculars. A calendar of activities will be posted for you to understand what your students are working on currently.

For fall 2020, to accommodate district virtual learning, we propose the following sample daily schedules. Each block listed does NOT represent the exact activities for each cohort. As we understand school schedules, things will be modified. We will be working with you to keep you updated as things unfold. Please understand, this is an unprecedented and highly fluid situation. As districts change their models due to COViD changes, so will we. We thank you in advance for showing grace, kindness, and a willingness to work together to build this plane, as we fly it.