S.T.E.L.L.A.R. Curriculum

Panache Academie™ aims to partner with parents to provide exciting opportunities for academic enrichment that enables students to build confidence to take the world of elementary education by storm.

We take the traditional STEM/STEAM curriculum and refocus it to Panache’s STELLAR™ curriculum which strives to open up galaxies of educational opportunities. What is STELLAR™?

Microscope constellation


Chemistry, biology, and exploration of the world will allow students to get creative with the science concepts being learned in school. A science and food lab will be available for experimentation on a weekly basis.

Crystalization Experiment: colorful wire pipe cleaners hang inside glass beakers filled with a liquid solution to support crystal growth.

Crystalization experiment in science lab

Robot constellation

Texniol Borealis and Enginuitix:

Students will be introduced to creative engineering and technology concepts including Lego Robotics, 3D modeling & Printing, Animation, and Physics. A state of the art Chrome lab will be available to students.

Book Constellation


Language arts enrichment including opportunities to enhance spelling and vocabulary, practice public speaking and engage in debates. Students will develop their own creative writing journal during the course of the school year.


Public speaking practice

Chess piece constellation


Students will engage in group and individual problem solving activities and games including chess, academic “survivor” challenges, etc.


Students playing chess

Artist's Easel constellation (Pictor)

Artixeda Major:

Creativity enhances academic skill and fluency and so students will find opportunities to express themselves through art history, various art mediums, drama and music.

Students making coil pottery

Students make coil pottery in art class

Triangle constellation

Rationixia Minor:

Alongside assistance with mathematical concepts learned in school, students will receive training in Singapore math in order to enhance their speed, accuracy and fluency of math facts.


Students practice math facts in the computer lab

Every aspect of your child’s experience at Panache Academie™, from the physical environment, to the curriculum to the interaction with Academie counselors and peers is focused to appeal to the younger generation. Cooking, arts, dance, and engineering along with more traditional academic enhancement through Singapore Math, creative writing, public speaking and debate, will be a part of their weekly activities at the Academie. Optional extracurricular opportunities will also be offered to further address individual student’s passions. These may include sports camps, piano lessons, fine arts training, etc. And of course, Friday FunDays give them an opportunity to relax, tell each other stories, play games and revel in the explorations of the past week!